George Pateman, June 2016

“I was overweight and couldn’t lose weight. Dr. Berghamer advised me how to eat on the adrenal diet.  I did for one year and I lost 70 lbs!  Starting working on the next 70. Thank you, Jonathon!”

Michael Taylor, December 2014

“When I first saw you I was in rough shape and could not run.  Prolotherapy helped me heal from my worst sports injury.  Whenever I get the chance I will steer the injured in your direction. You take the credit for my healing. Thank you!!”

James Farquhar, August 2014

“I started having PRP injections in my back a year ago. My main complaint was overall back stiffness and chronic pain in the lower left lumbar region. We had, I believe, four sessions of PRP, injecting pretty much all of my back facet joints, as well as the SI joint. I have experienced a slow but steady decrease in all symptoms with your approach.

After my last PRP session in January 2014, we planned to try autologous SVF injections.  Since having these injections done I have had very rapid improvement in my back symptoms.  By the middle of June I was pain free and my mobility had markedly increased due to the relief from joint stiffness.

I have been rebuilding an old truck since the end of May. I have spent hours under the truck, along with hours of crouching and standing.  Irrespective of all this, my lower back has continued to improve, with my knees now being the limiting factor. I have recommended this treatment to friends. I would recommend it to others who are suffering from pain similar to what mine was.  THANK YOU.


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